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How To Choose the Right Landscape Designer

How To Choose the Right Landscape Designer

Can you provide an example of an interesting design solution for an EYA community? When we worked with EYA on the Riggs Park Place community in Fort Totten, one of the safety requirements was to have alleys that were accessible to fire trucks. We asked ourselves, how can these alleys serve the community in a more meaningful way? That is how we ended up with the “woonerf” street design—a meandering alley paved with inviting textural brick detailing that can be enjoyed by pedestrians, as well as vehicles moving at low speed. And of course, by fire trucks in the event of an emergency.

It will help you designate specific areas for cooking, eating, entertaining, and so much more. I love prairie dropseed, which is native here and grows fine in hard clay soil. That makes it a great option for tough urban sites, like a right-of-way. You can transform your house into an oasis in the desert by opting for a drought-tolerant landscape. Creating a prairie-style landscape at home is a great way to celebrate the beauty and diversity of natural grasslands.

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Reclaimed and recycled materials generally cost less than new, while ‘fluid’ materials, such as gravel, are cheaper than paving. In many gardens, it’s possible to cover or clad rather than remove – a sound concrete pad, for example, might be the ideal sub-base for attractive paving. Moving underground services, drainage works, demolition and site clearance work will also add to the cost, especially if access is tricky or there’s a need to work by hand. This includes garden rooms, orangeries, sheds and anything you’d like to incorporate into your outdoor space in general as it will contribute to the overall feel of the space. If you have a balcony or small courtyard garden you could consider an outdoor cinema setting, better garden storage and more to help enhance the space you do have. Spend time talking with family and friends about why you’re taking on this project, ahead of diving into and drawing up your specific garden design aims.

Q. What should I consider before hiring a landscape designer?

However, the size and location of a property can significantly influence the design and functionality of an outdoor living space. For instance, a property in a cold climate may not be suitable for an outdoor kitchen or a swimming pool, while one in a warm one may be perfect for such amenities. This is also the right time to establish your garden’s aspect.

For garden and yard design – find landscaping pros near you

Other factors to consider also are whether you are renting a house, or if this is your forever home. An attractive, professionally designed landscape can make a property more appealing to potential home buyers, which can result in increased value of the home. This is especially appealing if a homeowner is thinking about putting their home on the market, since the landscaping may encourage a potential buyer to make an offer. Even if they have no plans to move, coming home each day to a more aesthetically pleasing home can make a homeowner feel happier and proud of where they live. For more guidance on picking a landscape designer or other landscaping pro, check out NALP’s complete guide here. A landscape designer can turn your patch of land into an outdoor wonderland—but it’s all about picking the right one. Don’t schedule a meeting with the landscape designer if you know you will be rushed.

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For you, this should be the easiest phase of the entire process. You just sit back and trust your landscape contractor to implement the plan we’ve worked together to create. The more thorough you are in finding the right landscape designer for your project, the better the end result. Have a clear budget and specific time-frame to present to the landscape team. This way they will be able to tell you if what you want to achieve with your garden design is viable from their point of view. And while the design process for your project will become much clearer when you have engaged a landscape company, there are a few important steps to take before deciding on who to engage for the job. A property survey is a document often included in your closing documents upon the purchase of your home.

When homeowners are deciding which type of landscape design approach to move forward with, it is important for them to ask the right questions and to understand what they will pay for their specific project. Fees will depend on size and complexity of the landscaping, materials used, type of garden, and local considerations like soil conditions, among other factors. Knowing how much it will cost on average and whether the price is negotiable will reduce the risk of homeowners getting a surprise bill. For those just beginning to think about landscape design, the following are a few questions that may come up. Having all the information about the project up front will help homeowners avoid any miscommunication and misdirection once the design process begins. They can refer to the following sample questions when they speak with local landscape designers about residential landscape plans and the cost of their services.

By doing so, you’ll be sure to create a visually appealing design. No matter which method you use to calculate your fees, you need to make sure you can create designs that will wow and sell customers. Structure Studios’ VizTerra and Pool Studio software also allow you to type in a property address and calculate square footage, dimensions.

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The second step encourages the property owner to make a list of everything they need or would like to have in their yard. The amount of available outdoor space and the homeowner’s budget will determine whether everything on their list is possible, and what features or functions are most important. The extent to which the designer knows every inch of the site is crucial to creating a design that fulfills the homeowners’ needs, wants, and expectations. Here in this simple little corner of my garden, I want to recreate the 3 sisters guild (corn, beans and squash), but with some additional beautiful plants incorporated like sunflowers and cleome. An important aspect of landscape design includes understanding your area’s topography, climate, and planting zone. These factors influence everything that goes into your landscapes in a big way. I always start with the shape of the floor, or room, first.

Projects with patios, pergolas, swimming pools, and strategically selected plants requires time to meticulously plan. Without using a landscape designer that spends dozens of hours planning out the details, you could end up blowing your budget or ending up with a design that turns into an installation nightmare. Every type of garden requires different design methods and materials that can impact costs.



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