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How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent a Porta Potty? Mr John Portable Toilet Rental

How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent a Porta Potty? Mr John Portable Toilet Rental

We also offer additional options for most of our restrooms – hand sanitizer, stakes to keep the unit in place, scent discs, etc. You can get our exact prices by contacting us today so we can quote your exact needs. At first glance, Miller Portables has possibly the most presentable website out of these four.

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Construction companies are continuously busy remodeling and constructing new structures due to the current population’s rapid growth. These constructions frequently consist of buildings, dams, airports, bridges, and tunnels. Many of these buildings are vulnerable to severe weather, including torrential rain, ferocious winds, and even natural disasters like earthquakes. Therefore, it is essential that construction workers have access to a clean, hygienic, and safe portable restroom.

How to Start a Portable Toilet Business: Key Steps

You’ll want to consider things like traffic flow and accessibility when making your decision. Once you’ve chosen a spot, mark it off so that the rental company knows where to deliver the Porta Potties. Numbers get tricky as you go up, since there is more potential for overcrowding. For every extra 100 people you have beyond this starting point, add one porta-potty each for men and women. So, for an event with 200 people, you would need at least three for women and two for men.

Most venues will have their own bathrooms or toilet services, but if you’re planning something special, the porta potty rental service needs to also be special. When you need that extra touch of care and customer service, A Royal Flush has you covered. “Rent-A-John Portable Sanitation is a local – family-owned business that was started in 1957. With 60 plus years of experience, we have products and staff to service all of your needs on a Construction Site or Special Event.” Rent-A-John prides themselves on quick and quality service. They commit to their customers and pledge that if any special needs arise, that they can respond anytime of the day.

Latest in Add your business

If that same event is in the middle of the summer heat, you should increase that number by at least 25 percent, or about 14 total for women and 12 or 13 for men. If attendees are drinking alcohol and the event goes all day, you might increase it again by 25 percent, to 16 or 17 for women and 15 for men. Another factor to consider is how long most people will stay at your event. Since each rental has a unique scenario, requesting a bid for your specific needs is the best way to receive an estimated rental rate.

One of the most important – but often overlooked – aspects of event planning is renting portable toilets. If you don’t have enough restrooms, your guests will likely become very uncomfortable quickly. You may want a luxury restroom trailer with built-in vanities and sleek fixtures to help guests feel at home. A good portable toilet rental company will have a strong inventory of options. With 63% of people traveling during the summer months, there’s a good chance some of that travel will be to weddings, festivals, and other events.

United Rentals has a very straightforward website with a long list of every portable restroom they have to offer. They also provide an option for a quote on all the portable restrooms, along with other services and contact information at the bottom of the website.

What’s included in my porta potty rental?

You have the freedom to adjust your rates, control who you do business with, avoid space or overhead costs, and offer additional services -all while having complete involvement in each stage of the process! There are a few disadvantages that come along with starting this type of venture. Starting a portable toilet rental business can be a profitable venture, especially in today’s event-driven society. When it comes to construction sites, the number of porta potty rentals you need is actually regulated by The American National Standards Institute. They state that for the safety and sanitary needs of your employees, you need to have at least one unit for every 10 workers. Luckily, that’s pretty easy math, but it’s always a wise idea to add on an extra one just in case. If you already have a portable restroom rental business, an excellent expansion strategy is buying another.

Even though the portable toilet rental business is a homogenous one, what most clients want is a business that will not charge them break-neck rates, but can offer quality portable toilets. This is because the end users do not care for brands, so buyers have a bargaining power from the suppliers. The portable toilet rental business is one that involves renting out movable facilities at a certain location for a temporary period of time. If YES, here is a complete guide to starting a portable toilet rental business with NO money and no experience.

Read more about Portable toilet rentals here. It’s up to you to make all possible efforts to gain the information. Think strategically about where you should put the toilets at your event. You want them away from the main areas, but they also need to be easy for people to access. “When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.” We’ve all heard that phrase, and it always remains true. If people don’t have access to toilets at your event, they’ll figure something else out.



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