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The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: How to Plan an Event

The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: How to Plan an Event

Gain your attendees’ attention by sending push notifications, interactive quizzes, feedback surveys, and more to their smartphones. Attendee needs and expectations differ substantially based on their location, age, and industry, as well as many other elements.

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This is where you’re having frequent conversations with people you probably know. Use it to spread the news, share fun tidbits, and tag your sponsors and speakers. You won’t quite have the specifics you need to choose between finalists, but it’s these types of questions regarding space that are going to help you get to that point. You event depends on the purpose from a visionary perspective, but when it comes to execution, the realities of what you can accomplish come down to your event budget.

Moreover, relying on technology can also reduce some of the workload from your staff and streamline event planning. Apart from the tiered plans for ticketing, some events also sell a full-access pass. This can include even further VIP treatment that only a select few attendees can get their hands on. During the event planning process, think of the features that you want to make exclusive for all-access pass holders. You can sell a full access pass to entice attendees into paying a premium for a chance to get to meet those celebrities. Exhibitions can work at pretty much any type of event whether you are planning for it or not. Adding a virtual exhibit hall to your event isn’t a problem at all as online event platforms like vFairs are fully customizable and accommodate as many halls as you like.

Building out your goals and preliminary project scope enables you to frame your event and get buy-in from leadership. If your organization is already on board with the event, your goals and scope help move you along into the next stages of planning. We’ve also put together an easy-to-use checklist that provides a framework while planning your next event. In the days leading up to a successful big day, you’ll need to check off some crucial last-minute items.

Once the budget is discussed and agreed upon, they would have to work with the agreed-upon figure and efficiently meet your timeline. A good event management company must be highly flexible and great at improvising. Usually, management companies have to work with various teams and other service providers to make the event a success.



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