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When, Where, and How to Use an Engineering Seal

When, Where, and How to Use an Engineering Seal

These are generally minor aesthetic details, but they do need to be followed precisely. Everyone else who handles, reads and refers to that document trusts its contents because it carries your name and your professional seal. In this case, a digital certificate confirms the integrity and authenticity of the document by identifying its owner and whether it has been altered. Read more about Digital Engineering Stamp here. There are a wide variety of products out on the market to place your name and license number on paper.

Along with the benefits of improved efficiencies and reduction in errors across workflows that the digital transformation has brought, it has also come with its own set of challenges. Electronic signatures and seals are just one of the new emerging technologies that can raise questions and doubt over the correct course of action when electronic records must be sealed. Our stamps are of a superior quality, and all of our products are assembled and engraved in our New England shop. We continually monitor state board seal developments to ensure that all of our stamps are compliant with the current set of requirements. To authenticate the seal and avoid the reproduction of the files, the electronic signature is protected by a code generated by a secure hash standard (SHA) authentication code generator.

If digitally signing an engineering document, your electronic seal should be placed on the first page of the document. Self-Inking stamps are great products they are a convenient way to stamp your documents quickly and easily.

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If you are unsure, it is best to check with your state’s engineering board to see if digital seals are allowed. Many times, a physical stamp will still be required in addition to the digital seal.

What is a digital certificate?

These stamps come with their own ink pad built in, so you don’t need to worry about re-inking them after each use. If you plan on using the stamp more frequently, however, a pre-inked stamp may be a better choice. These stamps come pre-filled with ink, so you’ll only need to re-ink them every few thousand uses. Pre-inked stamps also tend to produce a sharper impression than self-inking stamps. Products are available in a variety of sizes, from small and compact stamps such as slim stamps or the bigger self-inking stamps.

Digital Signatures: A Comprehensive Guide

Compared to handwritten signatures, e-signature software supported by digital signature technology can streamline your paper processes in a number of ways. OneSpan is a global leader in digital security and e-signature solutions. We believe that our 25+ years of experience in the IT security segment is a real asset to our employees, partners and customers – who can transact digitally using our solutions with trust and confidence. 25 years of electronic and digital signature experience and innovation to ensure you can achieve the highest completion rates for your signing processes. More specifically, an electronic signature is, like its ink equivalent on paper documents, a legal concept.

How to confirm the validity of a signed document

Self Inking Stamps will make about 5,000 to 10,000 imprints before you will need to add additional ink or replace the pad. Engineers should use their stamps on any documents that they have reviewed and found to be in compliance with all relevant codes and standards. This includes plans, drawings, calculations, and other engineering documents. By stamping a document, an engineer is certifying that they have reviewed it and found it to be complete and accurate and up with the state engineering laws.

We don’t believe that an engineer would affix their stamp and signature to substandard work. But if your Georgia PE stamp or seal isn’t properly secured, it could be misused. When it’s important to get plans in on time, a well-meaning person in your office could use your seal.

The broader category of e-signatures often includes digital signatures, which is a specific type of technology used to implement electronic signatures. It is possible to create your own certificate, on your own PC with any name and claim to be whomever you like; they are just files after all.

Documents signed by OneSpan Sign can be verified by any PDF viewer that complies with the ISO standard. Because documents signed by OneSpan Sign are self-contained, anyone can verify them – independent of OneSpan or its e-signature service.



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