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What Is a Financial Advisor & How Can One Help?

What Is a Financial Advisor & How Can One Help?

Use this simple checklist to find the right coach for your investment decisions. Look for the Client Relationship Summary and advisory brochures on each advisor’s form. Everyone has a unique vision, and your advisor will work with you to find investment options designed to help advance your customized strategy. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age.

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They can also assist you through the application and hiring processes, helping you stand out from other candidates. To gain experience before becoming a financial advisor, consider interning or applying for assistant positions in financial companies like banks, insurance companies, or investment firms that are part of FINRA. Not having a 4-year degree doesn’t mean that you’re unqualified — but your prospective clients and employers won’t know that.

Related Careers in Finance

Financial advisors are looking at a robust job outlook over the next several
years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the field will grow by 27%
through 2022—nearly double the 14 percent growth rate projected for U.S.
occupations on average. This translates into more than 60,000 new jobs in
addition to the almost 225,000 that existed in 2012. Aging populations in
particular are paying close attention to their finances and seeking investment
advice as they near retirement. In addition, more people are becoming savvy to
the benefits of smart saving and investing.

What is Retirement Planning?

Before meeting your advisor, ensure you have set specific and well-defined goals. Think of all the possible goal-related questions that your advisor can ask you and prepare for answering them so they can set up the right financial plan for you and track them. You approach a financial advisor with a view to bettering your financial life. For a better financial state, you first need to understand your current financial state.

Online financial planning services and advisors

Read more about Retirement here. Of course, a greater commitment of time towards business development has to come from somewhere. Though notably, all three channels of advisors do report a fairly similar range of time spent on direct client activity, varying from 48% for insurance-based advisors to 50% for RIAs and 51% for broker-dealers. The classic view of a financial advisor is one who gives financial advice – literally, sitting across from clients, dispensing out financial wisdom. The person you trust with your money should be someone you trust, and someone who makes you feel comfortable. After all, it’s not just your finances at stake; it’s your future. Ultimately, the most important factor in becoming a financial advisor is obtaining a bachelor’s degree and passing the required licensing exams. However, taking high school courses in math, economics, business, and computer science can provide a strong foundation for a career in finance.



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