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Types of Porta Potties & How To Choose The Right One

Types of Porta Potties & How To Choose The Right One

The larger your event becomes, the more critical it becomes that you have enough restrooms for the group. For example, even if you have enough property to accommodate hundreds of partygoers, you’ll need more than the few bathrooms in your home to ensure everything goes smoothly. At Cap City Rentals, we currently offer 2-stall and 3-stall bathroom trailers.

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We offer a vast array of restroom trailer rentals, ranging from two-station selfie restroom trailers to deluxe and luxury eight-stall restroom trailers. Whatever your temporary restroom needs, we can help you find a viable and worthwhile solution. If you’re hosting an outdoor event and want to try something different when it comes to portable toilet rentals, call us at Ace Diversified Services. They’re lightweight and affordable, so adding many units to a venue is simple and can be done quickly. On Site can provide quality and sanitary portable toilets and toilet trailers for your event.

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When you fully understand what restroom trailers are and how they operate, you can do away with a standard porta potty and invest your money wisely. Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. Our portable luxury bathroom trailers are almost too good to forget. The high-end spaces resemble the contemporary restrooms in any fancy venue. We often hear squeals of surprise when a guest steps in and sees the interior of one of our trailers for the first time.

All self-contained units

The delivery cost might not cost that much if the unit doesn’t have to be delivered far. But if your location is off the beaten path and it takes an hour or so to get there, it will be more expensive.

A “bad” bathroom is memorable because it’s such an unsafe and unhygienic experience it can taint an entire experience. Dispose of cleaning materials and waste properly to maintain cleanliness and prevent cross-contamination. After disinfecting, be sure to rinse the surfaces with clean water and dry them using microfiber cloths or disposable paper towels.

Prior to moving any equipment, it’s important that you chart a course and visually inspect the path of travel to avoid any unforeseen obstacles or tripping hazards. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you find something minor that you think you can fix, go ahead and use the tools in your bag. If there is a major problem with the trailer, contact dispatch and have them put in a work order for a trailer technician to fix the problem. After pumping each individual stall with the wand, the pumping process is finished. It’s now time to wind up the hose and return the wand to its secured location on the truck. As the tank begins to empty, your hose will start to wiggle aggressively on the ground.



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