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Read more about WiFi Marketing here. Turn your WiFi connection into a marketing tool and transform the visitor experience with our Captive Portal and Guest WiFi solutions. Seamlessly integrated with Engage, you can leverage this data for targeted messages and offers tailored to customer behavior that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

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Through researching your social media followers, you can also get a better understanding of their specific tastes and demographic. However, by forming a strategy based around your guest WiFi offer you can fully reap the benefits with more customers and increased sales. Here are six marketing ideas that you should be using to grow your small business. So, it makes since that the stores who are providing free online services can become invaluable to customers. You will be able to set up auto-pilot text and email campaigns that you target your customers. You also have the ability to send mass offers and messages to your customers at the right place and time.

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This is called Captive Portal marketing, and it’s a clever little way to capture vital data on your customers and find out who is visiting your premises, when, and why. Our platform includes secure data storage and opt-in/opt-out options for visitors to help you stay compliant with regulations and safeguard sensitive information. Our intelligent platform turns a simple WiFi connection into a vital source of insight to drive engagement strategies and transform the customer experience. Maximize event impact with valuable insights into fan behavior, venue operations, and event marketing strategies.

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Or, you could create a different campaign for men and women under 30 who visit on Sundays during football season. For all the details, visit our academy course about attracting more customers here. Click the banner below for more information on improving your online ratings and reviews. If the rating is bad, it will follow up with an apology message and an incentive to get them to return and give you another chance.

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In fact, over 96% of consumers prefer businesses that offer them free Wi-Fi. 50% of customers also spend more money in locations that provide them with free WiFi. And the exciting news is that restaurant owners can leverage & hone the power of guest WiFi marketing in a multitude of ways. WiFi networks can track customer movements within physical spaces. In the future, businesses will be able to send location-based promotions to customers as they move within a store or venue.

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The great thing about WiFi marketing is that you can turn this often frustrating pattern into an advantage. Used in combination with beacon technology and location tracking, WiFi marketing is a golden way of closing sales instore. According to Cisco, 96% of customers prefer shopping at stores which provide them with free WiFi. Create and display custom guest surveys on any splash page of your guest flow.

Once thought of as a nice bonus for stores to offer customers, WiFi marketing is now essential for any retailer wanting to grow. In an ever-connected digital world, customers now want, love and expect free WiFi. WiFi marketing is the answer, giving your retail business to tools to understand your customers, offer them an engaging real-life experience, and creating genuine loyalty. Ultimately, WiFi marketing has the power to grow your retail business, and we’ll show you how. Using customer behavioral patterns and history (among other data) marketers can create messages specifically for a customer or set of customers. On-site tracking, using customer mobile device, can be used to generate messages in line with what the customer showed interest in during their last visit.

Tanaza is natively integrated with Mailchimp and can automatically send your WiFi users’ list to a chosen Mailchimp list, for periodic or automatic e-mail marketing campaigns. By configuring the Mailchimp connector, marketing agencies will be able to automatically send the data of any WiFi user to Mailchimp, from that moment on. The Dashboard shows aggregated and per user data, i.e. gender, age, location.