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How to Turn Your Virtual Tour into a Real Estate Video Automatically in Just 5 Steps

How to Turn Your Virtual Tour into a Real Estate Video Automatically in Just 5 Steps

When people talk about 3D tours, they’re most likely talking about the format’s real estate application, and for good reason. Real estate is obviously the low hanging area of focus here available to you. But don’t dismiss other immensely profitable opportunities when they present themselves. But today, we’re giving you a rundown on how you can easily start a 3D virtual tour business and start making money as quickly as possible. Video tours are your traditional walkthroughs that are usually done with a realtor present. Virtual tour businesses should consider requiring clients to sign a service agreement before starting a new project.

When listing properties online, it’s essential that you add as much high-quality media as you can. Virtual floor plans nowadays will provide potential buyers with an immersive and interactive experience to explore properties and gain a deeper understanding of their layouts. And if you can combine your virtual tours with floor plans, it will take the experience to the next level. The same can go for your larger 3 bedroom or larger units as well.

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For starters, CG artists build a 3D model of real estate in special CG software. They copy every small architectural element from the original photos so that the virtual home looks exactly like the real one. For that, they accurately recreate the window cells, doorways, arches, columns, fireplaces, etc. Managing your rental business, especially if you have multiple properties, can be a massive responsibility.

A virtual tour is usually an isolated experience, allowing you to escape crowds, noise, and pressure while concentrating solely on what you see. As long as you have access to proper hardware and software, this experience can occur in any location.

Although this blog post should give you a pretty good idea of how useful an iGUIDE can be, it’s best to see it for yourself. When viewing an iGUIDE, buyers will also find neighborhood information.

The data behind the ‘digital twin’

Matterport offers 3D tour software and cameras at a professional level. The cameras they sell cost thousands of dollars, but users can access their software to create virtual tours with other cameras, including smartphones. Publish a virtual tour of your business on Google Street ViewWhen people search for products and services on the internet, frequently they turn to mapping products, like Google Maps. If you want consumers to engage with your business, you need to have a solid search listing for your business. When you do, you control the content that appears when people see your business online. And a 3D virtual walkthrough of your business gives you a stronger presence than a simple photograph or panorama. That’s a good thing, since
3D virtual tours are loved by buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

How to add a Matterport-style dollhouse view to your virtual tour in 2023

For example, if a family doesn’t want to be disturbed between 2 and 4, you can record in the morning and then host the session when it works best for your buyers. Read more about Quality Property Tours here. Hotspots enable the viewer to move around from room to room by clicking the hotspot arrow. The arrows point in the direction of the desired location so the viewer is able to get a feel for the layout of the property. Google Maps interfaces enable users to view where a property is located on a map grid, so you can figure out exactly where to go when visiting the location.

It’s very important that your camera is kept in the same position as you create the images in your virtual tour; for this you’ll need a sturdy tripod. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive tripod but the more you spend the more durable and long lasting the tripod will be.

Here’s How 3d Virtual House Tours Will Help Your Prospective Customers Make A Decision

Despite being well designed, studios still have a bit of a negative connotation to them. So it’s very important to do everything in your power to market those the best you can and convey just how well designed and spacious your studio units are and can be. You can see my YouTube channel for guides of how to shoot 360 video. I’ve written for The Times, Digital Photography School and Sunday Express. Thankfully you won’t need to do this for each individual image thanks to the batch HDR function. Now you have the correct settings you can select every image in the folder you are working on and create  batch of HDR images for that entire panorama automatically. You will now have a set of 6 or so HDR images which you can use to create your panorama.

Once you’ve gotten all the pictures or unedited video you need, you’ll upload your content to the editing software of your choice. Finally, you’ll want to get a sturdy tripod with a panoramic head attachment. Using a tripod ensures that all your pictures are straight and taken at the same height, which is important for accuracy.



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