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How to Sell Construction Services at the Highest Possible Price

How to Sell Construction Services at the Highest Possible Price

Learn more about our estimating service for Contractors and Subcontractors. Working with a contractor on your project can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is important to understand the legal aspects of this arrangement.

As we mentioned earlier, construction takeoffs can be done manually or digitally. The former involves examining physical documents and conducting material counts and measurements by hand. The latter can streamline takeoffs through automation and more user-friendly features. On the other hand, many digital takeoff tools automate the counting process, so all you have to do is review and modify the counts when needed.

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With prefabrication and modular construction, contractors make building materials off-site and then assemble everything on-site. Some companies assemble bathroom or kitchen modules they transport straight to the building site. This trend helps the material measurements be exact, which saves on waste and labor. Ultimately, your profit margins hinge on the complexity of your project as well your ability to stay on time and within budget. Here are some revenue streams that’ll increase your profitability as a general contractor.

Everyone in the construction industry knows that it takes time and money to get a construction project off the ground, and the concept isn’t hard to explain to project owners who might not be familiar. Further, obtaining construction payments is currently a slow process fraught with danger and the potential for further delays.

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When conducting a site visit, you’ll want to take measurements, inspect the topography, and take some soil bore samples if that hasn’t already been done. The first thing to do is gather all the project documents, plans, and specifications and familiarize yourself with them. You want to make money, so crunch some quick numbers to determine whether you can make a reasonable profit on the project. In this scenario you have a better bid-hit ratio on the private office projects, so you should focus more effort on those opportunities and less time bidding on school projects. Once you start crunching the numbers you might discover that your company won’t make a reasonable profit if you were to win the contract. Check out part-three of this blog series, where we dive into hiring construction workers during a labor shortage.

Though trade stacking does not cause all these issues, it can increase the likelihood of poor workmanship on a project. To find more bid opportunities, you can look for RFPs on bidding websites or promote your contracting business on platforms like Yelp. To expand your online presence even further, consider these contractor advertising ideas to grow your digital presence. The Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) designation is for established general contractors who have several years of project oversight experience. To qualify for the CAC exam, applicants must have graduated from or are scheduled to graduate from an accredited four-year construction management program. They must also have four years of qualifying experience or education, or a combination of the two.

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Ultimately, their focus is to accurately quantify the materials and calculate the costs to ensure that they have both a winning and profitable bid. A construction takeoff is a process of listing and measuring the materials required for the project to calculate the cost to complete it. The construction takeoff is the first step in the estimation process and involves quantifying the materials necessary to start and execute the job.

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After completing the form you may attach it to an email and send it to the appropriate SWIFT office. Use the email links below and select the appropriate SWIFT office based on the county where the alleged unlicensed activity is taking place. As you can see, restricted or limited site access is one of the leading causes of delay claims. Disruption claims are a basis by which subcontractors can file a claim in relation to any work that was completed in a less efficient manner than the contractor was otherwise capable. This type of disruption presents itself in the form of additional costs from labor, equipment, or delays that are outside of the subcontractor’s control. During your discussion, make sure you’re on the same page about the project scope, timeline, budget, and priorities.

In case you are opting for a new construction project — explore the sites with new houses, have a good look around, and talk to the owners. This list will provide a standard you can bring to all the contractors to keep everyone on the same page, and so you can efficiently compare bids.

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