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How to Read Tarot Intuitively Leah Vanderveldt

How to Read Tarot Intuitively Leah Vanderveldt

Read more about Free Tarot Card Readings here. The deck also included 22 symbolic picture cards that did not belong to any suit. The decks were used to play a game called triumph that was similar to bridge. In triumph, 21 of the 22 special picture cards were permanent trump cards. People began referring to as tarocchi, which is an Italian version of the French word tarot, around 1530.

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The standard tarot deck we use today is based on the Venetian or Piedmontese tarot deck. With 78 cards, it consists of the major arcana (22 cards) and the minor arcana (56 cards).

This technique is helpful if the cards are big (or your hands are small) and overhand shuffling doesn’t work. The first represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future. Whether you’re shopping in person at a metaphysical shop or browsing online, pay attention to decks with themes and images that resonate with you. Remember, you also can acquire and use as many decks as you want; just be sure you have some connection to all of them for the most accurate readings. Oracle decks, on the other hand, don’t necessarily follow a set structure. In an oracle deck, the creator and artist of each deck selects all the details on the cards, including the theme, imagery, number of cards, and the meaning of each.

Each tarot spread asks different questions, says Anastascio, so they all garner different results and hold different meanings. In fact, Anastascio, who reads tarot for a living through her small business, The Spiritual Goth, and on the Sanctuary app, only began her journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. After seeing some readers on Instagram, she bought herself the Mystic Mondays tarot deck and invited a friend over to catch up.

That said, this is where the Celtic Cross spread can come in handy because it already has a set position for the “advice” card. If you choose to go with a spread like this, you can just leave the initial spread and pull additional cards to clarify the initial advice card.

Step 3: Choose the Layout

California Psychics is a trustworthy site with a generous selection of Tarot readers. With 300+ Tarot readers, you can find a talented advisor who inspires and advises your Tarot practice. Knowing this will help you feel more confident when you choose a suitable Tarot reader.

Maybe a certain detail appears in more than one card in your spread. By really familiarizing yourself with each card, it’ll be easier to see how they connect in your spreads. The minor arcana represents the joys, triumphs, hopes, fears, annoyances, and challenges we experience every day. The word “minor” doesn’t imply that these issues aren’t important; it just means that they’re more temporary and less far-reaching than those you’ll see in the major arcana cards. In general, you draw cards from your shuffled deck and lay them out in a spread. The combination of a card in a specific position, as well as the connection between cards in their respective positions, forms the foundation of a tarot reading.

How to Use Tarot Spreads: Go From Beginner to Expert

Luckily, the foundations of tarot can be broken down into smaller, more digestible pieces. Choose to view the tarot as a bridge to your intuition rather than something you need to put pressure on. We can strengthen this self-trust by sticking to habits or routines we know we want for ourselves AND through tarot by acting on the advice we receive from it. Getting grounded through time outside in nature, paying attention to our senses, movement, breathing, quiet rest, music, or meditation can help shift our minds from doing to receiving mode. The Staff section shows the relationship between the querent and the environment in which they operate, and can provide a better indication of what is happening in the broader context. First created in 1909, the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck was a collaboration between Arthur Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. If you’re convinced that this is the right career option for you, here’s everything you need to know about starting this career.

When you’re first getting comfortable with a deck, devote entries to writing first impressions and interpretations of each card, which you can consult later on. Mallorca-based tarot reader Caitlin McGarry recommends consulting other readers, as well. “There are so many ways of interpreting cards when you arrange them with other cards. Going to different readers can help you see that,” McGarry says. For astrologer and tarot reader Lexi Ferguson, the process of learning the cards is never-ending.

Past – The past events that have influenced and led us to the current situation. While California Psychics has a 24/7 hotline for customer support, it’s only available in the US. That said, you can easily submit a request form to customer service and get assistance within a few hours. Read more about free angel card reading here. Even for immediate answers, its FAQ section is thorough and helpful for problem-solving without additional support. If you’re struggling to make a decision, the easiest way to consult the Tarot is to simply draw a card for each option you’re considering. If your first instinct is to ask a question that’s a little too narrow, think about how you might broaden your search.



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