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How Long is Recovery from Liposuction? Kalamazoo Liposuction West Michigan Plastic Surgery

How Long is Recovery from Liposuction? Kalamazoo Liposuction West Michigan Plastic Surgery

This safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedure has few side effects and creates excellent results. We’ll mention here that liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, rather it is an adjunctive treatment for stubborn fat deposits. Even though you diet and exercise diligently, there are stubborn areas of fat that simply don’t respond. Other techniques can get rid of problem fat, but standard liposuction provides the most dramatic results. Dr. Charles S. Lee of Enhance® Medical Center in Beverly Hills explains how liposuction is performed so that you reach your dream body shape. Always remember that sudden weight loss is dangerous for the body; a liposuction procedure cannot be a substitute for exercise and a proper diet. Plastic surgeons do not usually focus on how much weight they can remove from a patient but instead focus on the new body shape they are trying to create.

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We specialize in surgical-like results without scars or downtime to help women & men of all ages transform their bodies with a wide range of plastic surgery services. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons achieve great results at an affordable price. Even people who lead a healthy lifestyle can struggle with pockets of hard-to-budge fat. People often ask whether liposuction removes enough fat to help you lose weight. The amount of fat removed with liposuction depends on many factors; this surgery is best thought of as a shaping procedure, not a weight loss procedure. You will not leave Virginia Surgical Arts with your dream body after your liposuction procedure.

The risk of complications is proportionate to the amount of fat being eliminated. In tandem with a healthy diet, you should also up your water intake during liposuction recovery. While it may seem counterintuitive, drinking more water will actually help to reduce fluid accumulation in your body, which will, in turn, reduce swelling. In recent years, nonsurgical or minimally invasive alternatives to liposuction have been gaining popularity. Read more about fettabsaugung türkei here. These body contouring treatments typically do not require an incision or anesthesia, and they often come with less downtime. The likelihood that a patient will meet those criteria can decline with advancing age, but a healthy lifestyle can make liposuction safe despite advanced age. Still, most plastic surgeons do have a cut off BMI of around 30 for their patients.


Liposuction may be an excellent option for reducing larger deposits of excess fat. Some negatives include a higher cost and greater risk for health complications than noninvasive techniques. Areas of unwanted, diet- and exercise-resistant fat are a common concern for many cosmetic surgery patients. Known for our flawless techniques and a range of skincare options, Gotham Plastic Surgery has all the tools necessary for complete, natural, and comprehensive rejuvenation. As part of a customized treatment plan, these procedures can be performed standalone or in combination with surgical procedures for even more impressive results.

To minimize any potential problems, you should seek the advice of a Board-certified plastic surgeon who is specially trained in body sculpting. Another step you’ll need to take prior to surgery is scheduling time off from work or school. Any responsibilities you may have after your surgery will need to be postponed as you will want to put all of your focus on a healthy and safe recovery. Getting a good night’s sleep, refraining from drinking alcohol and getting plenty of rest are all keys to a successful healing process. Removal of this fat is first achieved by pinpointing the fat deposits that are to be removed. Exactly where you would like to remove fat is something that you’ll discuss with your plastic surgeon during your consultation appointment. Liposuction should only be carried out by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Introduction: How Does Liposuction work?

Chances are your surgeon will prescribe a medication regimen that may involve antibiotics. This is done to prevent infection while your immune system is in a weakened state. Food and Drug Administration, potential complications include infections, clots of fat in the lungs, possible puncture of internal organs and even death. Check with your doctor if you’re taking herbal remedies or vitamins. With cryotherapy, scars will swell, release discharge, and then fade.

How to Treat Liposuction Scars

The surgeon will usually give you a support or compression garment after the surgery. You can ask your practitioner whether you’ll need bandages or stitches after the treatment too. It works exceptionally well in areas that are resistant to reduction through diet and exercise. When it’s not used for cosmetic purposes, lipo can help with some other conditions. Patients are asked to stop smoking for at least two weeks before the procedure. Scars that form during the healing process after typical liposuction are unlikely to require a surgical procedure to correct them.



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