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How do you put in hair extensions?

How do you put in hair extensions?

Read more about hair extensions near me here. Just like your natural hair gets tangled, hair extensions will tangle too, but there are things you can do to lessen and prevent tangling – brushing is one of those things. When you have hair extensions, it’s important to brush them often.

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Although you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of clipping these strands every day, you cannot remove them for two weeks if you decide you don’t like them. These extensions are applied using snap-on clips; you don’t need professional help to stick them in. Just as when you straighten your mane, curling hair with extensions may require a few extra steps. This way, you’ll start to get a good feel for the extra hair and figure out what style you want without having to commit to something more permanent. Most of the available hair weave and extension product lines didn’t resemble their natural hair.

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Upon being introduced to hair extensions, the first question you may have is, “How do they work? ” There’s more than one answer to this question since there are a ton of different hair extension options on the market. Just follow our tips above, and care for extensions will come easily to you. As long as you follow them to a T, you’ll no longer have to deal with frizzy, out-of-place extensions or unnecessarily spend money just to get new ones installed prematurely. Instead, you’ll sport tresses that look clean, shiny, and long thanks to your well-kept extensions. You can’t use regular hair products on synthetic strands because the chemical composition of the locks is completely different (aka they have no pores and fibers). Heat isn’t allowed on them either, unlike human hair that you can play around with in terms of textures.


Curl your hair as you typically do, only this time, make sure to include your hair extensions in each chunk of hair you curl. It’s important not to curl your natural hair and the clip-ins separately, as this will leave your hair unblended.

You should squeeze out excess water with your hands over the sink before laying the extensions on the towel, but make sure you do not wring out the extensions, or rub them with the towel. Hair extensions work by blending natural or synthetic wefts in with your existing hair to add length, volume, color, or all of the above. No matter how short or how thick your hair is, expertly installed extensions can help you get the look you’re longing for. It depends, as there are many different extension types with unique attributes. Excess washing and styling will damage the cuticle and decrease the lifespan of your hair extensions.



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