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How Do You Address Your Wedding Invitations? Here Are All The Ways

How Do You Address Your Wedding Invitations? Here Are All The Ways

I thought a wedding stationery business might be a nice way to generate money on the side, which is why I chose Etsy. Kraft card stock and brown recycled paper are popular picks, especially for today’s rustic wedding styles.

Here’s a look at some of our top wedding invitation wording options—just a few of the hundreds you can choose from at The Wedding Shop at Shutterfly. When you’re ready to send out your invitations, make a note in a spreadsheet that you double-checked each name made it into the mail. Keep your eye out for RSVPs or questions after about a week and be ready to send out any invites returned in the mail due to address errors or transit issues.

You’ll also learn over time what style of invitations are most requested by your clients, which can help you nail down your niche. Wedding invitation pricing varies greatly on the type of stationery being created. So, first, decide what type of stationery you’ll be creating–semi-custom, custom, or both. When I gained confidence in my wedding invitation business, high-end clients quickly followed. Now, I have much better profit margins, a higher average order amount, and attract my ideal client.

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Whether the couple has unique ideas for their wedding, wants to keep it small, or don’t have parents with us anymore, hosting your own wedding is a wonderful thing. We will attach RSVP card postage for our clients free of charge, but do require that they order and send it to us. Also worth noting that hand-cancelling does not protect your invitations from all sorting machines. It just protects them from one, so it’s not guaranteed that your invitations will arrive in perfect condition even with hand-cancelling.

You’ve probably wondered, “What’s the point of two envelopes? ” More and more couples opt to eliminate the second envelope. However, double envelopes are more traditional and do actually serve a purpose.

Digital printed invitations are the most cost-effective, while other printing methods like thermography or letterpress are more labor-intensive and cost more. Not all stationery suites include matching envelopes for the invitations and RSVP cards. Don’t forget to add matching envelopes to your order for a cohesive and elegant presentation. Engraving is a classic enhancement for wedding invitations.

They offer a free personalized address book service, or you can upload your address book. There is a live chat service, so help is available around the clock.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Online Wedding Invitations

Find out the thickest paper your home printer can accommodate, and use that. You’ll still save since you’ll be buying the design and paper on your own.

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Convenience is one of the most important factors for couples designing their custom wedding invitations. Average Save-the-Date Card CostIt’s not a necessary tradition, but many couples send out save-the-date cards. Read more about Modern Wedding Invitations here. Calligraphy CostCalligraphy is a traditional technique used for wedding invitations. Usually, couples apply it only on the inner and outer envelopes.

RSVP Postage

This starting point can also be higher when considering any inserts you may want to add such as reception information and RSVP cards and envelopes. And whenever you send printed invitations by mail, remember that you’ll have to pay for postage stamps—including those on RSVP cards. Perhaps you’re still stuck on getting those save the dates addressed and mailed out? No worries, the good news is addressing wedding invites and save the dates requires the same process. It’s not like you find yourself addressing envelopes on the daily. Planning a wedding typically leads you to discover just how much you may not know about snail mail. Not to worry, everything you need to know about how to address wedding invitations is right here for your taking.



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