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Heres how I know I found the perfect couch by Lauren “L” Harriman

Heres how I know I found the perfect couch by Lauren “L” Harriman

Jamie has contributed to several of the GH Institute Labs, including Kitchen Appliances, Media and Tech, Textiles and Home Appliances. In her free time she enjoys cooking, traveling, and working out. Consider whether your choice will fit into your current decor.

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Unless you have a fully slip-covered sofa, the fabric on the frame is not likely removable. This is when an upholstery cleaning machine comes in handy.

Armchairs by Fabric

Read more about flexform here.

What You’ll Need to Clean a Fabric Sofa or Chair:

Although the method by which the frame parts are held together may not be immediately evident, the salesperson or the printed technical specifications should have this information. Look for frames joined with wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets. Never buy a sofa that is only assembled with staples, nails, or glue, although these materials may be used as supplements to provide additional reinforcement. An easy test for solid frame construction is to lift one front corner or leg of the sofa off the floor to a height of 6 inches or so. If the other front leg doesn’t quickly rise off the floor too, it’s a sign the frame is twisting and weak.

How to Steam Clean Your Sofa

However, these sofas can look less crisp than their single-cushion counterparts. For an extra layer of customization, some companies allow you to supply your own fabric. Although there might be an upcharge for this, it’s a simple way to get a more personalized look with any standard sofa. If you’re placing your sofa in a sun-exposed space, look for fade-resistant/UV options. And if you place your sofa outdoors, look for additional mildew- and moisture-resistant features. Shivani is an interior design expert for Better Homes & Gardens who covers interior design, decorating, and home improvement. She has 5+ years of industry experience and currently works as a residential interior designer in Macon, GA.

Pets tend to shed a lot of hair, which can accumulate on your upholstery and cause allergies. Besides, pets may cause stains, which can be difficult to remove if left unattended for an extended period. There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing a new couch or sofa. Decide on the size that best fits your demands and the available space first.



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