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Gardening Is Easy! Let us Show You How

Meanwhile, a screen of wispy ornamental grasses softens the look further, as well as boosting privacy levels. Decking ideas are a popular choice for all kinds of garden and it’s easy to see why. They’re smart, simple to maintain (our guide on how to clean decking has all the tips you need), and they provide a sturdy platform for all your outdoor furniture. Using our gardens as an extension of our living spaces has become more important than ever. And of course, as well as being practical, they need to look beautiful too. Do you want a clean formal look with structured hardscape, or a more natural appearance with other plants mixed in? Megan Hughes has a passion for plants that drives her to stay on top of the latest garden advancements and time-tested ways of growing great plants.

Even when it’s not in flower, the foliage will bring a refreshing boost of green to a space throughout summer. Just add some timeless rattan furniture and you’ve got the perfect relaxing retreat to shelter from the sun. Cool season crops suitable for spring or fall, greens are the foliage and leaves of edible plants.

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Containers also increase your gardening space, warm up faster in spring, and give you better control over your environment. Many new veggie varieties have been designed to grow well in containers, too. There are also greens which are good raw but can also be cooked, such as arugula and Swiss chard. In addition to more common greens, there are wild greens in cultivation as part of salad blends and Asian greens that provide unique and fun additions to your culinary roster.


But, when adorned with plenty of clambering flowers and foliage, they offer a whimsical charm reminiscent of bygone eras. This curved design is a lovely addition to a more traditional scene, and complements the open and airy trellised fence. It also provides a sturdy support for climbing plants – everything feels more enchanting with a rambling rose overhead. Timber decks also offer an organic texture and warming tone to a space, which can make a lovely contrast against urban surroundings.

This sturdy overhead structure provides a subtle divide between the seating space and lawn, whilst allowing views to be enjoyed uninterrupted. What’s more, the pared-back design is perfect for hanging a hammock and festoon lights to up the cozy factor.

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While these long-lived shrubs have a reputation of being somewhat fussy, newer cultivars bred for disease-resistance and vigor have made growing roses easy for even novice gardeners. In an ideal world, all soil would be perfect for growing every kind of plant. But garden soil often needs to be adjusted, depending on what you want to grow, and garden lime is a common amendment that can give your plants a boost. However, lime isn’t something to mix into your soil on a whim or based on the promises on the package at the garden store.

The expansion of legal sports betting in the United States offers sports fans the opportunity to engage with their favorite teams and leagues in a new and fun way. Have A Game Plan provides tools and resources to help you play safely and responsibly. The base of a branch meets the trunk in a region called the branch collar. The collar is trunk tissue, not branch tissue, which is an important distinction since trunk tissue should not be damaged when pruning branches. Together, these specialized zones form a swollen-looking ring around the base of a branch, and they contain the tissues that will close-over the wound.

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First and foremost, you need to consider how you want to use your space when designing a garden. Think about the activities you want to do outdoors – do you need space for eating, socializing, or playing with the kids? Or, maybe you’ve been checking out our guides on how to grow sweet peas or how to grow lavender and want to create your own flower-filled haven. Robust, traditional materials like timber, stone and brick lend themselves to a more rustic style garden. A pretty pastel outdoor sofa and chairs can set the scene and a climbing rose is classic cottage garden essential.

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Include some structural elements made from materials that feel as if they’ve always been there – large rocks, distressed woods, old brickwork, bamboo poles and brushwood screening all work well. You may not have the resources at the moment to spend time and money on landscaping ideas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beautiful garden. Love using your garden as a space for entertaining friends and family? Try incorporating one of our favorite outdoor bar ideas to give your garden a focal point for parties. This pretty design is nestled into an evergreen hedge, and helps to frame the open lawn in front.