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Car transport

Car transport

Different services might cost more, for example, enclosed auto transport, guaranteed pick-up, and express auto transport. It seems kind of smart to load up your car with all your belongings to save you having to move them yourself or pay someone else to do it. However, you should keep in mind that auto transport companies are prohibited by law from shipping any vehicle that contains household items. For example,’s analysis of hundreds of quotes suggests that the car shipping rate is approximately $970 for a sedan, $1,080 for an SUV, and $1,210 for a truck.

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Our prices are built to be competitive and get your vehicle moved when you need it moved. It isn’t just whether it’s high or low – it’s will this move your vehicle when you need it moved? The majority of auto shippers today do whatever they can to book as many orders as possible.

Delivery Alternatives

If you’re on a tight schedule, driving the car across the country is really not an option. An auto transport company allows you to plan your schedule without worrying about long travel hours on the road. If you choose an auto transport company to do the legwork, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s condition. Auto haulers help to keep your engine, paint, and tires in shape. This is the most common and cost-effective mode of auto transportation. Co-loading allows auto transport companies to load more than one automobile in a single carrier, hence cutting the total transportation cost significantly.


Please also note that personal belongings are not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance. Please be sure to read our policy on shipping personal belongings with your vehicle. Convenience and efficiency drive the automobile transport business. It’s somewhat ironic that automobiles are transported since they themselves are designed and built to provide transportation. Millions of vehicles, however, must be carried by truck, railroad or large ship every year for a variety of reasons. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. In our 2023 poll of 1,000 car shipping customers, 69 percent of those surveyed said they shipped their vehicles 1,500 miles or less.

Hear what our clients have to sayabout their shipping experience. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires are just as risky in transport as they are on the road. By not having your tires properly inflated, you could be increasing the risk of damage to the tire.

Fully Enclosed Fleet for Car Transport

Prepare your vehicle for transport This means that your vehicle should be in good working condition, if possible, and the interior should be clean. Don’t worry about the exterior; the dirtier, the better, actually, as dirt can prevent minor scratches from road debris. Our quotes may not always be cheapest, but they are priced to move. And if we are too low (or too high), we catch it immediately with our team of pricing experts.

In these modern times, some carriers provide real-time tracking, while others do not. It’s fair to assume that not everyone knows about international vehicles. It’s the very reason may ask themselves How does International Vehicle Transport Work? They may have trouble imagining how a vehicle can start in the United States and end up in France, Ghana, or England. When they watched boats travelling across the sea, they didn’t stop to think that the ship’s cargo may very well be a long line of cars making their way to a different country. Some people don’t want to buy a new car when they move to a different country. Other people want to own cars that they can’t buy in their home countries.



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